Yoga & Counseling: A Podcast Interview

Recently, I had the pleasure and honor to be interviewed on the Practice of the Practice Podcast with Joe Sanok. After listening to an interview he did on meditation, I was excited to share with him how yoga and mindfulness can enrich the healing process. I am thankful to Joe for inviting me to share the work that I am passionate about!



As I share with Joe during the interview, I sought yoga and meditation due to personal needs; I was struggling to cope with severe anxiety and panic attacks related to travel. At the time, I was living in Brooklyn, a place buzzing with rapid transit. My aversion to travel was so strong that I began to limit my outings to places I could walk or ride my bike. The world became smaller and smaller. 


Through a combination of talk therapy, yoga practice, and deep breathing techniques, I was able to lean into my aversion. Over time it became easier to ride the subway or call a cab. Remarkably, the benefits of these practices weren't exclusive to my travel anxiety, they seeped into other aspects of my life. Suddenly I was more content waiting in long lines. I wasn't ruminating over little things. I actually noticed the sound of birds chirping and the smell of fresh bagels in the air. I was living life in a more open, aware, and present way.  


Through my own experience of working with fear and anxiety, I believe that integrating contemplative practices and psychotherapy is a powerful way to accelerate and deepen personal growth. These practices, which are a staple in my everyday life, naturally flow over into my work with others. As you can hear in the interview, I'm so excited to share them with you and hope they bring you peace and joy.