"Nicole has such a terrific focus around the mind-body integration of care via her model of using yoga and mindfulness practice in psychotherapy"

- Kimberly Bonde, Founder and Senior Practitioner of Intown Acupuncture


Mindfulness can be defined as moment to moment awareness without judment. Learning to stay with experiences in the "here and now" uncovers choices to work with your fears and gain empowerment. Mindfulness helps us recognize emotional and physical experiences, while awareness of breath creates space to become more response-able. This develops healthy responses to stress, anxiety, and depression.



I believe that you already possess the ability to overcome personal barriers. Used as components of mindfulness, yoga and meditation reduce anxiety and perceived stress, and increase self-compassion. Yoga and meditation are natural and effective ways to work toward changes in mood and behaviors, and increase self-care.



As appropriate, I offer the option to meet with you at a park or other outdoor space. Take your sessions off the couch and create change through forward movement.